Mixing & Mastering

Stem mixing, mastering, extra production and engineering work in all genres.
Specialized in electronic music style heavy production and processing,
but can do more subtle acoustic & organic styles as well.


Examples (Gain Compensated)

Fashion House

Midnight Train (Breakbeat)

Audio Repair

Noise Removal
Recording background & equipment noise and hum removal

Room Acoustics
Room ambience / echo / reverb reduction, frequency response fixes

Sound Quality Enhancement
Quality / bitrate / samplerate compensation and upsampling, distortion and cliping removal, clarity / anti-muddiness, resonance peaks control

Dynamics Recovery
De-compression, anti-clipping, transient recovery

Anssi Hohti © | anssi[dot]hohti[at]gmail[dot]com - www.allendemusic.net

Anssi Hohti is a finnish sound designer, audio engineer & a versitile composer of all genres and styles, but with a speciality in electronic music. Movies / film, tv, commercials, games, soundscapes, producing, mixing and mastering. Electronic, atmosphere, ambient, orchestral, downtempo, jazz, hip-hop, cinematic.
Anssi Hohti on suomalainen freelancer äänisuunnittelija, ääniteknikko ja monipuolinen säveltäjä monen tyylilajin / genren alueelta, mutta kuitenkin erikoistunut elektroniseen äänimaailmaan ja musiikkiin. Elokuva, televisio, mainos, peli, äänimaailma, tuottaja, miksaaja, masterointi. Soundtrack Avenue.